Stock Trading App

Stock Trading App

Stock Trading App

Stock Trading App


A user-friendly mobile app that allows users to invest in stocks and ETFs directly through their mobile app. As a standalone app or part of N26's super app, it’s main goal was to revolutionize the investment experience, simplify trades and empower users to achieve their financial goals with confidence.



My Role:

Product Designer



Service Provided:

Product Design, App Design

A screenshot for two app screens

The Challenge

The challenge was to design a product that helps people achieve their wealth goals with a simplified access to the stock trading world.

We wanted to empower people and make them live a fully immersive experience while buying their favourite stocks by providing a set of services to meet different needs according to the level of expertise, from beginner to expert.

  • Accessible: Creating a financial system accessible to all, so that people with smartphones can access stock trading services quickly.

  • User friendly: The world of digital currencies is complex; our task is to make our product accessible and thus user-friendly.

  • Reliable: Having a state-of-the-art product that provides all the benefits that stock trading offers and is affordable and safe for everyone.

A screenshot of the app's home page

Key responsibilities

My initial role focused on refining and enhancing the existing designs, introducing new features, and conducting UX design workshops. Collaborating closely with the design team and stakeholders, I worked towards improving usability, functionality, and overall user satisfaction. As the project evolved into integration within the N26 super app, my collaboration extended to aligning the user experience across the entire platform.

Below are some of my key UX contributions to the project.

A screenshot for two app screens


As this project was cancelled during the usability testing phase, several steps would have followed:

  • Using the feedback from usability testing to refine the design.

  • Creating prototypes of the refined designs to conduct additional rounds of testing.

  • Conducting a collaborative review with designers, developers, and stakeholders to discuss usability testing outcomes, ensure alignment, and address technical limitations if any.

  • Providing clear instructions for developers to implement the designs accurately and consistently.

  • Implement analytics tools to track how users are engaging with the app. These metrics would guide further design refinements and feature enhancements.